Frequently Asked Questions

Push30 is a platform for corporate privileges in the field of health and sports. We offer our customers the opportunity to benefit from a wide network of fitness centers, participate in various events and tournaments, and enjoy numerous fitness-related videos

The opportunity to use more than 140 fitness centers in the city, unlimited access to all sports centers and many different services, the opportunity to participate in various fitness events, videos and discounts in Partner stores

Push30 currently provides services for corporate clients and students. Employees can start using the service only after the company signs a contract with Push30. The user must first complete the registration process. Then, he must select the desired subscription and pay. After that, the subscription becomes active. Students who want to get a student subscription should first apply in writing to [email protected]
After that, the user can download the mobile application, after entering his number, he can start using the centers corresponding to his package by the QR code in the application

First, your company must sign an agreement with Push30. If your company already cooperates with Push30, you can get a subscription by entering the "profile" section of the mobile application.

The subscription starts from the moment of payment and continues for the next 30 days

You can download the program from Apple Store and Play Store

Currently, Push30 offers 3 plans for customers: 'Student', 'Standard' and 'Plus'

Student, "Standard" and "Plus" subscriptions have been prepared in terms of the variety and prices of services in fitness centers. Each subscription includes high-level fitness centers.

Student monthly subscription = 39 Azn
Student annual subscription = 399 Azn
Standard monthly subscription = 68 Azn
Standard annual subscription = 653 Azn
Plus monthly subscription = 165 Azn
Plus year subscription = 1584 Azn
*Prices mentioned above include VAT

You need to end your existing subscription first. Your subscription will expire on the next renewal date. After your subscription expires, you can choose another new subscription.

If the company pays for you, Push30 will send company an electronic receipt. If you make the payment yourself, you can pay by adding your bank card from your profile. You can also pay your subscription fee through terminals. (Million, E-manat, Expresspay.. etc)

If you do not pay the subscription fee on the renewal date, your subscription will be suspended. After suspension, you can start a new subscription by choosing a new plan

Enter your mobile number in the following format: 994505553030

You need to present the QR code available in the Push30 application. After the QR code is scanned and the ID card is verified, you will enter the center. If you are a student, additionally just show your student ID card

There is an active QR code on the QR page in the Push30 application. The QR code will remain active for 10 seconds. (After this time, you need to refresh the QR code, that is, close it and press the icon again)

In the application there is a profile page of each fitness center included in our network. On the page you can see the exact address of the fitness center and its location on the map

No, 1 subscription is intended for 1 user only. After accessing the application from your phone, your account will only be connected to that phone

Upon request, we can send you an updated list of fitness centers. You can also find detailed information about all fitness centers in our network in the Push30 mobile application

The only limitation is a maximum of 2 visits per day, a requirement of a 5-hour gap between QR code scanning at fitness centers. These limitations are intended to prevent fraud. Other than that, there is no visit limitation

You can use a different fitness center every time you train

Yes, 'Plus' subscription members can take advantage of all partner fitness centers included in our network

The "Student", "Standard" and "Plus" indicators shown on the profile are intended to indicate which fitness center the user can use with the subscription plan he has obtained

Yes, you will need an active internet connection to get a QR code. If you don't have mobile internet, you can connect to the Wi-Fi network in the fitness center

We're constantly adding new, high-quality fitness centers to our network and we're open to suggestions from users. So if there's any fitness center you'd like us to add to the network, let us know and we'll try to prioritize it

Subscription freeze option is not available at this stage, but you can cancel your subscription at any time

After your new company signs a contract with Push30, you can continue to use our services

Yes, each 'Standard' and 'Plus' user can apply for a subscription for 5 first-degree (father, mother, brother, sister, child, spouse) family members. The application can only be made to [email protected] Should be written by the HR department to the email address of push30. For the purpose of checking the degree of kinship, the identity document should also be sent in the attachment.

To cancel the plan, you need to contact Push30 customer services. If you do not want the subscription to be activated again on the next renewal date, just click the 'End subscription' button. Clicking the button will not affect the current plan.

To change the first and last name, please contact Push30 customer services with proof of identity.

Only students over 17 can get this subscription plan

You can view the fitness centers included in the plan by clicking on the 'Student' button located at the top of the discovery section in the mobile application

Yes, certain fitness centers have hour limits. Some fitness centers do not. You can get more details by visiting the fitness center's profile section

The services included in the plan at each center are listed in the profile section of the fitness centers

No. You just need to accept the 'Terms&Conditions' and 'Privacy Policy' documents when entering the mobile application

No. Unfortunately, only corporate subscriber's family members are designed to receive subscriptions

Yes. For this, you need to provide us with a document confirming that you are a student (card or ticket). You will also be asked for this card when entering fitness centers

Yes. For this, you need to provide us with a document confirming that you are a student (card or ticket). You will also be asked for this card when entering fitness centers

No. You will not be able to use the services after the expiration date on the student card

Yes. You will be charged in advance for the first month and the last 3 months of the annual plan. The remaining 8 months will be paid in installments. For more information about the installment payment feature, please refer to 'User Terms 35-41'

The cost of the annual subscription plan shown in the Mobile Application after the user selects the package is for 12 months,1 month's payment is calculated by dividing it proportionally.
The initial amount paid is non-refundable regardless of termination. For more information about the installment payment feature, please refer to the section 'User Terms 35-41'

The installment payment option applies to all subscription plans

Monthly subscription plans are non-refundable in the following cases:
- The user has already used the subscription plan and benefited from our services.
- The payment was received and executed after more than 14 (fourteen) days.
Annual subscription plans are evalueated at the following terms:
- There is no refund for annual subscription plans with less than 6 (six) months remaining validity.
- If the validity period for the subscription plan is more than 6 (six) months: The payment made by the User is divided into 12 (twelve) months, and the monthly payment price for the subscription is calculated. The unused period of the annual subscription plan is multiplied by the calculated monthly payment price and the final amount is A penalty of 50% is applied and the remaining amount is returned to the User.
- If payment for the User's subscription plan is made by the Company, the terms of the refund are governed by the agreement between Push30 and the Company


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